Technology and Safety

Better product and more safety for patients

Manufacturing Excellence and Process Innovation

Mycron manufacturing facilities utilize the advanced assembling process, combined with exclusive Unibody injection molding & sealing technology. It enables higher production capacity, shorter response time and better lot-to-lot consistency.

Premium Quality Control Process and Reliable Products

•   Utilize high performance filter membrane with long filter life and excellent flow rate
•   Verified compatibility with the infusion of lipids and chemical therapy drugs
•   Exclusive Unibody molding technology offers higher pressure resistance (> 3.5bar)
•   On-line sampling test of liquids filtration membrane integrity
•   On-line sampling test of filter flow rate
•   100% Leakage detection on the air vent membrane
•   100% Leakage detection on the fluids membrane
•   100% Leakage detection on the sealing of filter housing
•   100% Optical inspection on the appearance defects and foreign parts