Features and Benefits
  • No more fluid dripping on hands, floor or bedding.
  • The entire infusion system remains closed until final connection is made to the patient.
  • Full pore size range for the integrated hydrophobic PTFE membrane, fit the needs of gravity and pump sets. The optional oleophobic PTFE help dealing with chemo drugs for continuous anti-leaking protection.
priming filter cap, priming purge filter, easyprime-2

Automated priming without messy dripping, making it possible to prepare several infusions at once – more quickly and hygienically than ever before! No bacteria or particle enters until connected to the patient.





Diameter: 5.7~11.8mm      Height: 19.2mm

Effective Filtration Area (EFA)

0.102c㎡ PTFE membrane

Minimum Air Flow Rate

0.2μm:    22ml/min at 1m water height

0.45μm:  51 ml/min at 1m water height

1.2μm:    128 ml/min at 1m water height

3.0μm:    219 ml/min at 1m water height

Materials of Construction

Filter Media: Hydrophobic PTFE membrane

                       Oleophobic PTFE membrane

Housing: PP

Color: Clear,  Dark Blue ,  Light Blue ,  Green 



Sterilization Compatibility

EtO, gamma irradiation (25kGy)

Ordering Information
Example Product Code: EPP2PP G 30

Product Code

Pore Size


EP2PP    02

0.2μm Hydrophobic

  G  =Green

  C  =Clear

 DB =Dark Blue

 LB =Light Blue

EP2PP    02OE 

0.2μm Oleophobic

EP2PP    04

0.45μm Hydrophobic

EP2PP    12

1.2μm Hydrophobic

EP2PP    30

3.0um Hydrophobic