Adult 0.2um IV Filter

Features and Benefits
  • Two fluids membranes for faster flow rate and longer filter life, four air vents for instant air elimination and quick priming. 
  • Compatible with gravity and pump sets.
  • Hyper-phobic air vents are compatible with lipids, alcohol and oncology drugs.
  • 0.2μm filter is retentive of B. diminuta at 10^7 CFU/cm2 EFA as a sterilizing grade filter per ASTM F838 test methods. 1.2μm filter is retentive of candida albicans at 10^7 CFU/cm2 EFA. 5.0μm filter removes 5μm latex particles at an efficiency greater than 90%.
  • Standard or customized connector fit a variety of tubing configurations. 
  • Custom printing options on filter housing for better product identification and brand identification. 
  • Amber filter housing available for photosentive drugs. 
adult infusion filter 0.2um, IV filter 0.2, IV-Dual
adult infusion filter 0.2um, IV filter 0.2, IV-Dual

IV-Dual filters are featured with dual layers design, it’s integrated with 2 fluids membranes and 4 air vent membranes.

Aqueous IV solutions
TPN and lipids solutions
Chemo therapy solutions
Antibiotic therapy solutions
Apheresis solutions
Portable and PCA pumps

Biological Safety

Materials of construction comply with USP Class VI

Biological Reactivity Tests In Vivo<88>  and ISO10993.


Length: 61mm (42mm filter body)      Weight: 7.5g

Width: 31mm                                          Thickness: 9.2mm

Materials of Construction 

Filter Media: high flow hydrophilic PES  

Air Vent: hydrophobic PTFE 0.02μm

Housing: Clear medical grade ABS

Minimum Water Flow Rate

0.2μm: ≥ 40 mL/min at 0.1bar (1m head pressure)


Effective Filtration Area (EFA)

12.06 cm2 PES fluids membrane  

1.60 cm2 PTFE air vent membrane

Inlet/Outlet Connections

Inlet: TUBE I.D. 2.0mm x O.D. 3.4~3.6mm  

Outlet: TUBE I.D. 2.0mm x O.D. 3.4~3.6mm

Maximum Operating Pressure

3.5 bar

Sterilization Compatibility

EtO, gamma irradiation (25kGy)

Ordering Information

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Standard Tube Connections, Clear Housing



Standard Tube Connections, Amber Housing